People Planet Profits

TerraOil® System

TerraOil® patent pending technology – converts low quality “waste veggie oil’ into high quality biofuel feedstock.

The TerraOil® System adds value to the bio-fuel feedstock at the disposal site by removing fat’s waters and particles at the site–increasing the quality of the final bio-fuel while simultaneously reducing processing and storage costs.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing franchise operations — the TerraOil® System Decentralizes waste processing saving dramatic amounts of time and energy by pre-processing at waste disposal source.

This innovation enables a higher-quality product to be delivered directly to the bio-fuel producer by passing the traditional “rendering” supply-chain.

Designed in anticipation of ASTM changes, regulatory influences and increased value of UCO Feedstock — The TerraOil® System Creates uniformity and quality of UCO feedstock while simultaneously providing dramatic amounts of positive PR based upon PPP/RRR (PeoplePlanetProfit/ReduceReuseRecycle).